Nonprofit Bloggers, Don’t Forget to Ping

Pinging (rhymes with ringing for a reason, like ringing the doorbell of a service to let them know you–or in this case your blog–has a new post) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to promote your foundation or nonprofit blog. So get that started asap.

Pingoat has recently surpassed Pingomatic as the premier "pingmeister," pinging 60 blog search engines and directory sites. I select all blogs and directories in the "General" and the "Non-English" groups with a click. Simply more bang for your ping.

Make sure to bookmark your filled-in Pingoat page once you’ve completed it for the first time. Then, after each post, return to the page and submit it again. I promise you improved blog promotion results. And the more readers your nonprofit’s blog has, the more powerful its impact.

Readership is all. Make it happen.

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