Part 2: Rebrand to Connect—Red Rover Tells All (Case Study)

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There’s so much to learn from the approach United Animal Nations took to rename and rebrand the organization….as Red Rover.

Here’s Part Two of this useful case study, via Director of Communications, Marketing and Development, Leili Khalessi.

Q: So you went directly to renaming on realizing United Animal Nations wasn’t working for you?

A: Nope. We tried something much easier first (and we’re glad we did).

We began using UAN as an acronym to attempt to correct misconceptions about our organization. But…

…as a small group without a lot of name recognition, using an acronym like UAN didn’t help prospects or supporters understand, remember or talk about us more readily.

Note from Nancy: Using an acronym as your organizational name is probably NOT your organization’s solution either. Leili mentioned that most of Red Rover’s partner organizations, and those considered “competitors” for donors’ attention and gifts, use acronyms as their names.

That’s extremely common among by organizations that have moved away from the implications of their initial name. But, in my experience,  using an acronym as your organization name usually fails to deliver an engaging, memorable and easily repeatable brand.

Q: What were your initial hopes in implementing the change?

A: Clarifying who we were as an organization, developing a compelling, distinctive and memorable brand and, ultimately, attracting new donors and partners were our initial aims.

Q: Did you do the renaming work all in-house, or did you hire outside experts?

A: We knew we didn’t have the time and expertise to do this in-house. And, perhaps most importantly, that we were too close to the organization to lead this project.

So we began by researching communications firms, solicited proposals and then selected a couple to present their proposals to us face-to-face. That process enabled us to the select the firm we felt most suited to do the research and creative work in terms of working style and relevant expertise...

Part Three (last installment) to come soon.

Read Part One first

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