Craft Calls to Action That Get You to Goal

Call to Action

Your audiences so often see nonprofit campaigns that lack any call to action so, no matter how compelling the issue or message, that they have no idea how to get involved. I know, because I see them too.

Your call to action is what connects your supporters and partners with your org—you have to have it and it better be clear and doable. Today I’ll help you get there.

Let me start with sharing some definitions of what comes first (examples here):

  • Organizational goals (a max of three at a time) are the steps to take over the next year that will take your organization closer to achieving its mission.
  • Marketing goals are the best ways you can put marketing to work to help achieve those organization goals.
  • Calls to action come into play only after you have your marketing goals in place and have identified your target audiences—the three or fewer groups who can do the most to help you reach those goals, and/or who are most likely to do so.

Learn what’s likely to be acted on, before you ask
Once you hone in on your target audiences, your next step is to get to know them via conversations, surveys, how they interact with your emails, websites and social media channels and more.

These are your calls to action
Only then can you outline the specific actions you want them to take. Define a series of incremental, doable actions you’ll ask them to take. Make sure that each is linked clearly and strongly with your organization’s goals.

Ask in the right way, at the right time, in the right place
Ask your audiences—early, clearly and repeatedly—to act…to register online, participate in  a program, give or share their stories.

Highlight what’s in it for them, and address any obstacles likely to be in the way of their actions. And finally—be as specific as possible so it’s easy to act with the least effort possible.

More guidance on setting useful goals:
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How do your calls to action differ from your organizational goals? Are they working or not? Please share your CTA tips and questions, here.

P.S. Get this practical, doable marketing plan template to take you from goals to work plan, action and impact.

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