One of the Best Campaign Messages Ever (Case Study)

MN United—Campaign Message

Go ahead. Call me a message geek! When I see a memorable message success story like this one, I get happy.

Minnesotans United for All Families (MN United) did a great job in putting Love is the Law front and center in its campaign for passage of the marriage equality bill last spring.

MN United lucked out on this one: Chan Poling—a passionate supporter of the Minnesota same-sex marriage campaign and former lead singer of 80s new wave band, The Suburbs—contacted MN United to offer up the song just as the campaign was heating up. But Poling wouldn’t have made the connection if he hadn’t first been touched by campaign outreach.

What’s even more fantastic—and unexpected—is that Love is the Law (the song and the message) has outlived the initial campaign to become the anthem of the marriage equality cause in Minnesota. It’s an ideal frame for MN United’s current focus, “ensuring that allowing all loving and committed couples the freedom to marry remains a priority in Minnesota.”

In fact, I see—via comments on MN United’s Facebook post this morning asking folks to order this free bumper sticker while quantities last—that the popularity of the anthem has exceeded MN United’s ability to fulfill demand from eager messengers. Lots of complaints from folks who haven’t received their stickers yet.

Definitely room for improved customer service here, but whether MN United is waiting for new inventory or has a bump in its fulfillment process, the eagerness of supporters to carry this message forward on their cars shows how very strong that message is.

You’ll know your messages are right on target when supporters are banging on your door to spread the word. I’ll partner with you to get there!

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P.P.S. Listen here to Love is the Law.

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