The Work behind Your Work: Your Methods & Wants for Nonprofit Blog Carnival

I’m thrilled to host April’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival, and hope you’ll blog on this topic so vital to the power of our field and momentum of our causes—the methods and tools you use to stay focused, productive and happy on the job (or the barrier that keeps you from getting there).

Be specific with concrete examples so we all get what you mean.  Please email the URL of your post and a 2-3 sentence summary to [email protected] by Friday, April 25  to be considered!

Cover productivity, planning, and/or getting great ideas out of your head and into action. Or, if there’s specific issue, person or gap that’s blocking you from the outcomes and satisfaction you desire, please blog on that. This is the work behind our work. 

Still unclear what I’m talking about?

Here are some examples—Do you love mapping out new initiatives but struggle to get projects off the ground? Or jump into the next project push before finishing up the current one? Do you you get a lot done daily but have trouble moving bigger picture projects forward? Or sometimes find yourself enthused, but simultaneously overwhelmed, about all the possibilities?

Or one of those sometimes? Or even all of those all of the time? That’s the work behind our work.

Submit Your Blog Post by April 25
Just send the URL of your post and a two-three-sentence summary of your post to [email protected] by Friday, April 25 to be considered! I’ll review all submissions, choosing a set to feature in a “blog round up” post at the end of April.

Thanks, in advance.

The Back Story
I was lucky enough to partner with nonprofit marketing experts Sarah Durham, founder of Big Duck, and Stephanie Bowen, most recently with KaBOOM, to lead a discussion on this topic  (#14NTCMARK) at the recent NTEN Conference(#14NTC). We focused on marketing work there but the discussion got so deep and passionate that I wanted to expand it to include all of you, across functions.

BTW, Sarah suggested the topic after reading Todd Henry’s Die Empty (which none of us want to do, of course).

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