This Gets In Your Way, But You Can Fix It: Nonprofit Storytelling #1

Nonprofit Storytelling #1-9

It’s a simple equation, at least theoretically.

Your goal is to change how people perceive, think, and give or act around your issue or cause.

Connection is the lubricant for those changes. You have to connect before you can persuade. But…

The way many organizations discuss their causes, approach and impact is a huge barrier to connecting.

Is this getting in your way?

Clear messages shaped to the wants and habits of your network, wrapped in stories that hit the heart then head, and are easy to remember and repeat, are the way out.

You have the stories, and you can build the confidence and skills to tell them effectively.

That’s why I’ll be sharing step-by-step guidance on how to find, shape and share your 5-star stories in the weeks to come.

Keep posted!

Hat tip to Joanne Fritz for this dramatic example of mission statement self sabotage.

P.S. I’m just back from working with New Jersey fundraisers to build their storytelling skills at the regional AFP conference, and did the same last month for nonprofit communicators in Toledo, OH.

I’d love to help you and your colleagues working in your region or cause learn to find, shape and share the great stories you already have. Please get in touch at nancy at to talk more.

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