LAST DAY—13 Minutes to Boost Credibility & Impact

Nonprofit Communications TrendsInvest 13 minutes A.S.A.P. to complete the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey. Payback?

  • In the short term, you’ll be invited to an exclusive preview webinar and be the first to see the results.
  • For the duration, you’ll get data vital for decisionmaking and for convincing the powers that be and your colleagues that your approach is spot on. And strengthen the community of which you’re an essential part.

Between us, the annual Nonprofit Communications Trends Report is one of my top resources for guiding and supporting my recommendations to nonprofit clients. Here are just a few of the trends the 2018 Report will cover:

  • How well are nonprofit communicators meeting specific goals like community engagement, brand and reputation management, and supporting major donor fundraising?
  • How much content does a typical comms team produce, and how often do they use each communications channel?
  • How do communicators like us rate their skills—copywriting, graphic design, planning, and analytics?
  • How satisfied are communications pros with their workloads and jobs overall?
  • How much training are they getting and who pays for it?

Complete the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Survey

For example, Kivi generously slipped us (shhh!) early insights on the vital question: What are you doing less of?  It seems communicators are:

  • Getting tired of how much time social media takes, and
  • Getting serious in requiring a return on investment of staff time and effort!

We’re all pressured by the wants and opinions of leaders, colleagues, and others. It’s just this kind of actual DATA that powers us to push for the right decisions, boosting our credibility and our organization’s communications impact!

Invest 13 minutes NOW to complete the 2018 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey. Thanks, in advance!

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