7 Nonprofit Content Marketing Tips from Great Chefs

Tip of the hat to Marketing Profs for framing content marketing—how your nonprofit can use content to build strong relationships with target audiences—in terms of this delightful cooking-themed info-doodle.

I’ve “nonprofitized” these seven principles for you:

1. Use fresh ingredients. Fresh content retains its natural flavor. Avoid stale or processed content, your supporters will know it and hate it.

2. Know your customers. Present content that pleases your supporters’ palates, and leaves them wanting more!

3. Keep the menu simple. Don’t overcomplicate content, or muddy the dish with too many flavors.

4. Be seasonal. Use content that you align to the seasons, or other holidays or headlines that are top of mind.

5. Know where to shop. If you curate content, curate the good stuff.

6. Experiment in the kitchen. Try new forms of content and solicit feedback so you know what’s not working, and what is.

7. Experience matters. Be patient. Take time to learn from your mistakes. Breathe.

Download this great info-doodle here.

How are you using content marketing to connect with your base? Please share what’s working, and/or your questions, here.

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