Nonprofit Do’s for My Space Success — How-Tos for Raising Awareness and Promoting Advocacy

With all I’ve researched recently, I’ve come up with few examples of nonprofit wins via MySpace. Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot was a definite winner via his MySpace campaign powered by mastermind Jacob Colker. Now finally, thanks to nonprofit technologist Beth Kanter, here are a few more lessons from the field:

  • Raising Awareness
    • Campaigns: Defenders of the Wildlife, Oxfam America, The Humane Society
    • Top Tips for Your MySpace Page
      • Integrate photos and videos to bring your nonprofit’s work to life
      • Update your page frequently, so friends (your MySpace audiences) will get in the habit of frequent visits
      • Articulate specific actions you want friends to take — sign a petition, register for your nonprofit’s e-news
      • Maintain some consistency branding-wise with other communications channels (Caveat from Getting Attention–You have to customize the tone to the MySpace demographic, 50 and younger)
      • Go beyond your own circle of like-minded organizations, e.g. nonprofits can reach out to for-profit companies with strong social responsibility programs that can help spread the word about their causes.
      • Document and promote how your nonprofit is using MySpace. There’s a lot of interest in MySpace among nonprofit staff members. Work it.

Read more here about how the Genocide Intervention Network is using social media to prevent genocide.

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