Email Welcome Magic: Huge Opportunity, Here’s How

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Allyson KapinThanks to guest blogger Allyson Kapin, founder of Rad Campaign and Women Who Tech.

Congratulations, you’ve got a new email subscriber who’s interested in your cause and impact.  Now’s the time to introduce them to your nonprofit with an email welcome series. You get just one chance to make a first impression! Dumping a subscriber into your list with no explanation or recognition can be jarring, or worse, annoying. So don’t.

Instead, do it right with a three-part email welcome series. In fact, research shows that welcome emails are four times more likely to be opened and five times more likely to get click-throughs than other emails. Here’s how to create your own email welcome magic, drawn from Care2’s new Welcome Series Toolkit:


Email 1: The Offer
Your first welcome email is the single most important email you’ll send! Consider giving your new supporter helpful information and resources about your organization, such as links to your best-performing blog posts, your mobile apps, or top resources for your website. Also consider including a “soft ask” call for donations in this first email.

Email 2: The Engagement
Use your second email to engage your new supporter in your movement by asking them to take an action (not necessarily a donation). Consider including a link to a survey, having them take a quiz to learn interesting facts about your nonprofit, or inviting them to connect on social networks to meet other people who are also passionate about your cause.

Email 3: The Ask
The third and final welcome email should invite your subscriber to donate or join your organization. Stuck on how to phrase your question? Included in the toolkit are 101 ways to gently ask for a donation. If your subscriber has read the previous two emails and persists to read this one, there’s a good chance she will consider donating.

Follow the steps in the (free!) Welcome Series Toolkit to move an interested person up the ladder of engagement to donate to your nonprofit.

Eager to hear how it goes!

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