You’re the Best—
Sharing 11 Sources I Love In Thanks

Appreciate Your Supporters

You are the best!

You push me with your questions and comments, keeping me thinking, learning and growing. And you push back when you disagree, forcing me to make a better case (or rethink my point). You share your thanks, victories and the stuff that’s even harder to share—your down-dark frustrations.

You’re my professional fuel, and my work (and life) would simply be much less without you. So I thank you!

In appreciation, I’m sharing links to 11 of the bloggers who nourish my expertise and point of view. Fresh ideas, techniques and conversation are vital to your personal professional development and your professional success. These resources help me with that, and I hope they’ll do the same for you:

The Agitators  Fundraising masters Roger Craver and Tom Belford provide original takes on fundraising that make you think twice, and sometimes even make you laugh. We all need lots of both.

Brain Pickings Maria Popova brings readers the most provocative ideas and perspectives from an amazingly broad range of disciplines and perspectives. You’ll know in a second whether the topic of the day is meaningful to you or not. Most are, at second glance if not at first. Refreshing!

Dan Pink is my go-to guy for game-changing perspectives about the way we think and work, in marketing and beyond. His thoughts, research and recommended paths forward are always research based, highly original and easy to put to work.

Engaging Volunteers, from the folks at Volunteer Match, provides so much great (and usually tested) guidance on volunteer marketing, featuring lots of case studies from different types of orgs. Much of what is shared is relevant to fundraising, and to program and issue marketing as well.

Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog is all marketing (beyond nonprofits) all the time. It pulls the best, for free, from the content created for Marketing Prof members. You gotta stay on top of the the bigger world of marketing, and this blog is a quick way to do so.

Pam Grow delivers practical, doable, goal-oriented fundraising guidance that works even for the one-person (or 1/2 person) fundraising team.

Philantopic, from the Foundation Center team, does a great job of synthesizing what’s important to know about philanthropy right now. It’s the context from which you’re communicating, so you need to understand what’s going on. I adore their weekly link roundup.

Seth’s Blog from superstar marketer plus Seth Godin is a marvel of pithy writing on what matters most. He’s unequaled at pinpointing the essence of everything as succinctly as possible. Great model for less-is-more content creation even if you don’t agree with his ideas.

You’ll find so much nitty-gritty good stuff in the Small Business Marketing Blog. Lots of similarities between nonprofit and small business marketing, starting with having to do so much with so few resources. This blog suggests countless ideas you can steal and customize.

Plus, my two fav nonprofit marketing reads:

Katya Andresen links big strategies to concrete suggestions for your daily to-do list in her Nonprofit Marketing Blog. Today’s post on Generosity Day exemplifies her blog’s unique voice and value.

Kivi Leroux Miller’s Nonprofit Marketing Guide is a go-to resource especially for those who are new marketers or new to the nonprofit sector. A superb selection of guest bloggers too.

That’s it for today. But I cover gotta-read books and other ways to build your skills and expertise on a regular basis, so stay tuned.

What are your top online resources for guidance and inspiration? Please share names and links here—I’d like to add them to my list!

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