Turn Your Email Auto-Responder Into a Powerful Marketing Tool

See below for a creative, engaging and mission-driven use of an email auto-responder (what you set up in your email program when you’re away or otherwise unable to reply in a timely manner) as a strategic marketing tactic. Kudos to Molly Thompson, Development and Communications Coordinator with Pillsbury United Communities, for turning what’s usually plain vanilla on its ear!

Thank you for your email. On Sunday, May 22, 2011, an EF1 tornado ripped through the streets of north Minneapolis, damaging homes and businesses. Many of our neighbors were directly impacted by the storm, as was Pillsbury United Communities.

We have responded to this crisis as we always have with time, energy, resources, ingenuity, and community support. Recovering from this tragedy will take both time and effort. For more information on how to help or to make a tax-deductible donation to assist in the recovery efforts, please visit www.puc-mn.org/TornadoReliefEffort.aspx.

What can you do with your org’s auto-responders? That’s a lot of email you could be putting to work!

P.S. Here’s how to use your email signature to engage your network.

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