The Truth behind Nonprofit Marketing Help-Wanteds

 Nonprofit Marketing JobsThe Range of Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Job Descriptions I see is Incredibly Broad…

As I vet dozens of nonprofit marketing and communications jobs for our weekly jobs post, I get a good sense of what organizations like yours are seeking in their marketing and communications hires. This is key stuff for all of us—these roles and responsibilities are our lives, present and future—and I’ve become intrigued by the incredibly varied range of experience, skills and personal characteristics that organizations are looking for to fill a very broad range of roles.

In response to this increasingly varied (fragmented, you could say) range of nonprofit marketing and communications roles, I’m inspired to dig into these help-wanted calls to action—assessing the range of skills, personal qualities and experience called for; and their relationship with reality.

How to Hire the Right Nonprofit Communications Help

Hire the Right Nonprofit Marketing Help
Hire the Right Nonprofit Marketing Help

Most Help-Wanteds are Unrealistic

I’m struck time and time again by the impossible dream of everything-in-one communicator outlined in many job descriptions. Take this help-wanted for a Communications Coordinator with the Data Quality Campaign. The core responsibilities section alone runs for almost two full pages (and exhausts me by just reading it), all for a “coordinator” with one year of work experience. I expect the salary is quite low. Really?

The folks who apply are likely to have shallow skills in many things, which isn’t much to build on. The fact is that NO ONE does everything well, and this approach is counterproductive.

Why Not Craft a Job Description/Ad More Likely to Connect with the Right Person? Here’s a Strong Model

Why NOT craft a job description that emphasizes the skills, qualities, experience and characteristics that are absolute musts?

This job description for a Communications Manager at SACNAS is a strong model, emphasizing a short list of attributes that are an absolute must. THIS will help potential applicants self-screen; and generate the strongest applicant pool for SACNAS.

What’s Your Experience, Perspective or Hope for Nonprofit Marketing & Communications Hiring?

As I cover this topic moving forward, please add your stories and perspectives. Together we may just be able to influence nonprofit decision makers to be smarter and more effective in marketing hiring (a huge advantage to us). Thanks!

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P.P. S. Read How to Hire the Right Nonprofit Communications Help

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