Your Most Valuable Marketing Lesson Learned in 2010?

First of all, let me thank you for all of the questions, stories and feedback you share with me on an ongoing basis. It’s your input that makes it possible for me to cover what you need to know to increase your nonprofit’s marketing impact!

I’d like to end the year by asking you to respond to a simple but vital question: What’s the biggest marketing lesson you learned (or re-learned) in 2010?

It could be anything tactical or strategic, simple or complex. Some examples might be:

  • Don’t fail to get a final proof before sending a brochure to the printer
  • Do an A/B split (comparing response on two versions) on a fundraising campaign landing page on your website before rolling out the campaign
  • Don’t change your messaging but forget to train front-line and program staffers about the new way to talk about your organization.

Whatever comes to mind as a lesson or key principle learned—either from hard knocks or new found success. Just enter your lesson learned here.

I’ll summarize the trends, and share the lessons submitted by you and your colleagues, in the 2011 Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom Report (hat tip to Marketing Sherpa). You’ll get a free copy when you share your biggest marketing lesson learned!

Please take one minute to share your thoughts and insights now.

Thanks so much!

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