3 Steps to Meaningful Marketing Measures: Part 2

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Metric mania! It’s all around us. Unfortunately, when we try to measure too many marketing measures, all we get is frustrated. Even for nonprofit communicators in large, well-staffed organizations, there’s rarely enough bandwidth to capture, analyze, share and use many marketing insights.

But there is a better way…I urge you to take these three steps to identify five or fewer insights that will make the MOST DIFFERENCE in boosting marketing impact:

1) GOALS—Three or fewer marketing goals for the next year.
How can marketing best be used to move your organization towards its overall goals?

Example: Launch first-time partnerships with other regional organizations focused on employment for recent immigrants.

2) BENCHMARKS— Three to five concrete, specific and measurable (when possible) steps to complete en route to achieving your marketing goals. Vague benchmarks will get you nowhere.

Example: In the next 30 days, write program marketing content for partner use in promoting our employment training program for Sudanese immigrants.

3) INSIGHTS—Five or fewer metrics or other insights that show you’re moving forward on the right marketing path, or not. 

Focus on insights that reveal one or more of the following:

  • What is working best so your org can do more of it?
  • Who is engaged, who acts (fully or partially converts—gives, registers, volunteers) and who do you need to engage differently?
  • What content is most compelling to your base?
  • Which messages generate action and which fails to motivate?

Example: Percentage of new program participants coming through each partner organization.

Establish a baseline measure on each data point or insight over two to three months, then look for upward trending. Absolute measures are largely irrelevant—who knows the role that same element plays in another organization’s marketing? But upward trending at a good clip shows you’re making progress.

How do YOU select the most meaningful marketing data and anecdotal insights to focus on, so you can boost your marketing impact and get to goal? Please share your approach here

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