Anything IS Possible, But You Have to Try

I used to believe anything was possible.

Now I know it is.

Yesterday I watched Austrian Felix Baumgartner break the record for the highest-ever skydive. His dive from near-space also broke the sound barrier, as he jumped 23 miles (a.k.a. 128,000 foot) to stick it in New Mexico.

This spectacle so entranced the rest of us that we broke YouTube in trying to watch. Only temporarily, but still—8 million people were trying to see this amazing success story and crashed access to the live stream. It was compelling

But even more power than watching the jump is the kick in the pants we can get from Baumgartner’s focus, passion and perseverance. If you don’t take risks, you won’t move forward.

His jump, years in the making, is a “testament to the human spirit as Felix explores how far the boundaries can be pushed. This is truly record-breaking at its most courageous …and the stuff legends are made of; this is how history is made and records are broken,” says Stuart Claxton, Marketing Director at Guinness Book of World Records.

I’m inspired, and urge you to use this inspiration too—to go beyond the norm, the tried and true, in small ways but on an ongoing basis. It’s the only way you’ll uncover new ways to connect with your supporters.

You can be an adventurer, and I promise you you’ll get a thrill out of testing new ground.

So get out there and go for it. Do it for you, and do it for Felix. But please let me know what you discover!

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