Ray Bradbury Relevance—Ready to Roll: Libraries Take Your Mark

Rest in peace, Ray Bradbury.

Just a few minutes after I saw the famed science-fiction mastermind had passed away, I stumbled on this letter from lifelong library supporter Bradbury crediting his UCLA library workspace for inspiring him to crank out The Fireman in just nine days. Here’s a excerpt:

How could I have written so many words so quickly? It was because of the library. All of my friends, all of my loved ones, were on the shelves above and shouted, yelled and shrieked at me to be creative. So I ran up and down the stairs, finding books and quotes to put in my “Fireman” novella. You can imagine how exciting it was to do a book about book burning in the very presence of the hundreds of my beloveds on the shelves. It was the perfect way to be creative; that’s what the library does.

Eureka: one of the world’s most famous science-fiction authors credits libraries as the perfect way to be creative! Libraries, it doesn’t get better than this. Jump on this opportunity to connect your value to this headline news right now. Relevance rules but this open-minded moment won’t last for long.

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