Nonprofit Marketing Resources Worth Your Attention — August 2006

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The Corporate Blogging Book — Push Through Your Nonprofit’s Fear of Blogging

Online communications expert Debbie Weil is one of my most trusted resources on all things online. She’s always there, at the beginning, providing practical guidance and analysis of new tools as they come down the line. Is there such thing as a “vetter,” as in someone who vets? Debbie is mine.

So I was thrilled to plow through my advance copy of Debbie’s new Corporate Blogging Book, where she tackles organizational bloggers’ (or pre-bloggers) greatest fears — how much time it’ll take to blog, the question on ROI, how to respond to comments — including those constructive but critical, who should blog… Believe me, these are the questions I hear again and again when I advise and train nonprofit clients on blogging.

There’s no better way to ground yourself in the key issues of nonprofit blogging than reading Debbie’s book. You’ll also find case studies, don’ts, and guidance on convincing your leadership to launch a blog.

This is a five-star resource for every nonprofit. Download Chapter One today to help your organization push through its “fear of blogging.”

Here’s my full review of The Corporate Blogging Book

How To Get People to Talk about Your Website

What your nonprofit really needs is a site that donors, members, volunteers, etc. talk about — send their friends to, come back to, dive into. Here are a few ways to make that happen from Donor Power blogger Jeff Brooks.

This Just In: Ten Lessons from Two Decades of Public Interest Communications

Fenton Communications’ guide for nonprofit communicators synthesizes potent strategies including human interest stories, tapping popular culture and fighting fire with fire. This is a quick and useful read, more inspirational than how-to. Good to pass on to your boss or leadership.

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