Persuasive Testimonials Can’t Be Beat (Case Study)

You tell me you’re always seeking more effective ways to build interest and action. Well, there’s no better way than letting your supporters and partners do the talking with testimonials.

Few of you use testimonials—the essence of the kind of consumer-based marketing you’re hearing so much about right now—to full effect. I’m hope to motivate you to change that with this easy-to-get-to success story from Help a Reporter Out (HARO)—a wonderful free service that links reporters with expert sources.

HARO tweeted a request for testimonials, and got stellar results (in 140 characters or less) tweeted out then retweeted them to its own 61,000 followers. Trustworthy referrals and exponential reach, at no cost, and little effort. 

Look up top at these responses they received from satisfied customers, the first from an expert source and the second from a journalist who found the sources he needed.

So I urge you to share testimonials to let your prospects know they won’t be the first to try your program or volunteer with your organization. But you have to ask for them!

Ask clients, community leaders, donors, volunteers and members you know are happy with your work and impact for their feedback,  or ask everyone and cull the best responses. Then share those results-oriented testimonials from clients, community leaders, donors, volunteers and members. Include attributions with full names, titles and organization when relevant, adding photos when possible. Remember to get their permission first.

Here’s another good example:

“It is always wonderful to see what we accomplish during our projects. We really feel like we make a difference by improving the land and beautifying the urban wilds,” said Matt Lynde, a Boston Cares project leader who works with EarthWorks Projects to spruce up and landscape wildlife sanctuaries in Boston.

What else do you need to know, or have to recommend, about developing or using testimonials? Please share your thoughts here.

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