5 More 2013 Nonprofit Marketing Trends That Affect You (Part Two)

Trends: Part One

The first round of trends I shared with you came from big-name marketing experts, were strategic in nature, and all centered on the core must-do for 2013: Know your supporter, and connect with her wants, interests and habits as they intersect with your org’s value or impact. Not brand new but more important than ever, and now we all have the tools to do it better.

Today, I’m sharing out predictions on activities, challenges and hopes from nonprofit marketers like you. Here are some key findings, and and what you should do about each:

1) Finding: Planning is making a comeback, after less of it last year.
Your response:
If you’re one of these planners, great. That’ll help your organization to build the strongest relationships.

If you’re not, get on it. Take the time (1 hour/day for 5 days, max) to outline your right-things marketing plan. It’ll save you significant time and money, and lots of anguish too.

2) Finding: Engaging Your Community and Building General Brand Awareness are two of your top three marketing goals.
Your Response: Please rethink that! Vague goals like these are almost impossible to act on, or measure. How could you know what’s most effective to get to something so broad?

Get more specific so you can outline the right actions to take and measure their impact.

3) Finding: Lack of time and money are your biggest challenges.
Your Response:
This is a given. But when you get more specific with your goals, you’ll be able to make faster and better decisions about what makes sense to do, and what doesn’t—to save both time and money.

4) Finding: Social media is overtaking email in importance.
Your Response:
Hold everything! Although you may be feeling very pressured to go all out with social media, email remains vital and, IMHO, continues to rule. Choose your channels according to a) where your supporters and prospects are–are they there?; and b) what you want them to do.

5) Finding: Pinterest is the flavor of the month, the social media channel most of you are likely to add in 2013.
Your Response:
Beware of the new and shiny. Two key points here: a) Look behind a trend to see what’s really there—I think Pinterest’s success is due to its focus on imagery, which is the meaningful trend and an increasingly impactful way to communicate; and b) It’s vital for you to experiment to know the options, and stay engaged and learning, but that doesn’t mean you put everything into play.

Assess where your people are and whether it makes sense for you to deliver content via Pinterest. If yes, do you really have enough meaningful visual contact to dedicate your limited resources here?

2013 Nonprofit Marketing Trends: Part One

Thanks much to Kivi Leroux Miller for sharing the results of her recent survey of nonprofit marketing trends.

What marketing activities, or perspectives, are you revising for 2013? Please share your thoughts here.

P.S. Start planning now with with this easy-to-use template for your right-things plan. And please, get in touch with any questions.

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