Using Data Well Tops 2016 Nonprofit Marketing Priorities

2016 Nonprofit Marketing TrendsI relish the roll out of trends at the end of each year, digesting them in the context of what’s working for our clients and passing on what matters most to nonprofit marketers. I’ve seen typically broad-ranging predictions for 2016, but these two constants central to our work have been heralded by multiple sources:

  • Data, drawn from all channels, will continue to grow exponentially in volume
  • Marketers like us will continue to struggle to share it, interpret it, and put it to work in a productive way.

Sound familiar? It’s exactly what I hear from so many of you.

Here are a couple of related predictions we should pay close attention to:

  1. Marketing roles will continue to evolve, as the ability to use data becomes a must-have skill set for every organization’s marketing team. Organizations will “re-engineer internal marketing roles and responsibilities with a greater focus on [building] an analytically driven department,” reports Marketing Insider.
  2. Organizations will increase investment in marketing technologies to deliver content most effectively (think personalization, a.k.a. “infinite segments of one”) and reap productive data to fine tune that effort. “Marketing leaders are eager to start connecting the dots….They’re looking for meaningful insights they can act upon…to drive impact,” says Marketing Insider.

Do these fit what’s ahead for your organization? Hope so, because even though this shift to the more analytic may feel uncomfortable, it’s absolutely what’s required going forward. Let’s build our skills and confidence together!

Keep posted for more 2016 trends and predictions. These baselines are vital to going forward most productively.

How will you capture, share, interpret and USE data more effectively next year? Please share your hopes, plans and questions here.

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