Make it Easy to Spread the Word: Press Kit+ (Case Study)

Spread the WordAsking partners, friends and fans to spread the word may be the most effective, yet least expensive, marketing method there is. So I’m always surprised that so few folks put it to work. Hope this case study pushes you into action.

The Challenge: To increase qualified entries to, and votes for, the 2015 doGooder Video Awards
Award founders See3 wanted to increase submissions to the its 9th Annual doGooder Video Awards. But, like most of us, the agency is limited in staff time and marketing budget. What to do?

The Method: Make it easy for partners and bloggers in the nonprofit arena, plus YouTube influencers, to spread the word
As a blogger with a loyal group of readers (thank you!), I get tons of requests to blog on this campaign or that new service. Most of them—like the recent ask to cover a story on allergies and Valentines Day—have nothing to do with what you or I care about, so get trashed.

The email from the See3 folks was different. We know each other, they get what interests me (and you), and they crafted the request from there. I responded because they:

  • Asked clearly for what they wanted (for me to invite folks to submit videos, then vote)
  • Provided key info, like the deadlines for entries and voting
  • Highlighted the “what’s new and fun this year” (bringing some of the most popular YouTube storytellers out there into the fold)
  • Saved me time and effort in spreading the word by providing this digital press kit with a press release, graphics, videos and cut-and-paste social posts (with trackable URLs). NOTE: You have all this stuff anyway, so use it to do more!

The Results: Media folks get great content ideas and find what they need when they need it, leading to more and better coverage.
One blogger’s take: I love this approach. The email quickly delivered the specs, then the kit enabled me to easily spread the invite for entries via social channels. The ease of that process makes it likely I’ll do the same when voting opens up on February 17.

“It’s a great tool for our team because it cuts down on the amount of coordination needed. Bloggers and journalists have all the tools they need on our website,” says Bridgett Colling, See3’s director of content marketing.

The online platform also allows quick and easy updating as needed. ” We plan to add some additional language to help people promote voting for the Awards. We’re working hard, and asking our network to help out, to get some of the best videos created by nonprofits and social causes in front of voters,” says Colling.

Your Turn
Go ahead and ask your partners, donors, volunteers, friends—even staff and freelancers/firms—to spread the word. People like to help, especially when it’s easy. And when you ask the right people, it’s a double win. You’ll exponentially expand your reach AND your supporters and partners will feel great about helping you do so. Win-win!

What works best for you in asking your network to spread the word? Please share your tips here. Thanks!

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