Just 1 Seat Left — Join Me for 11 Steps to Messaging that Connects — Starts Nov. 15

The right messages make all the difference in connecting with your target audiences.

What if you were skilled at the most critical marketing process necessary to engage your target audiences with clarity and purpose?

What if you mastered a proven 11-step message development process so you had a positioning statement, key messages and a sparkling tagline that connected with your supporters and energized your staff, board and volunteers?

And what if you could perform this marketing and communications transformation with expert guidance in just 8 weeks?

Well now you can, starting next Tuesday, November 15. But there’s just one seat leftLearn more here.

Please join me for the Tagline Focus Project — I’ll serve as your coach as you learn to shape messages that connect your organization with the audiences who can move your mission forward.

Messaging mastery is within your grasp. You have the mind and creativity, budget and time it takes. And I have a way to take you there via this private group learning program (no more than 12 participants).

You’ll finish the Tagline Focus Project with a tagline ready to launch and the skills, tested process, tools and templates to build out an engaging message platform for your organization, and its programs and services. This ability is vital to your organization, and to increasing your own professional value!

So if you’re interested in vastly improving your organization’s messaging in 2012, I encourage you to go ahead and register today for the Tagline Focus Project.

P.S. No worries if you’re unable to make the first live webinar on November 15. I’ll guide you into the program and webinar recordings (video and audio) including all Q&As, plus the slide deck, will be available for review at your convenience.

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