DON’T Tell ‘Em What to Do: Message Mastery

FullSizeRenderI’ve rarely seen a bigger message fail than this one.

There’s clearly been some controversy on this nearby street about front lawn etiquette. Typically, there are lawn lovers, who water and fertilize their way through summer. Then there are the folks (my family among them) who focus on garden beds instead, and others who just cut the grass. Peaceful coexistence, till now!

When you demand your audiences take action, you’ll fail every time. What you will succeed in is pushing prospects and supporters away for good.

Instead, make your messages about them, not about you (WIIFM—what’s in it for me):

  • Learn what matters to them
  • Find where that overlaps with what your organization wants
  • Shape your messages (and channels) to that point of connection. Find the common ground between their experience and yours.

Most of our neighbors share a sensibility on caring for yards—of flowers, veggies or grasses—and homes. This mostly unspoken contract supports the enjoyment of our homes and town and stable property values.

Build your messages from shared wants and values, deliver it via the right channels (NOT a yard sign), and you’re far more likely to motivate the actions you want. Give it a try!

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