You’re Not Alone – Smart Messaging Is Always Collaborative

It takes a team to create great messaging.

As I prepare to begin the  Tagline Focus Project (TFP) program on November 15, many of you have gotten in touch with questions. And you’ve reminded me how common it is to feel isolated and overwhelmed by the challenge to create messages that connect for our organizations.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s one of the reasons I’m so looking forward to working with a small group of nonprofit communicators (no more than 12) like you this fall, leading them through this immersion program to learn how to develop messages collaboratively—with me, the other program participants, and their colleagues and external audiences.

That’s the only path to effective messaging, and one far more satisfying than trying to go it alone.

This action-oriented program is designed specifically to help you and your colleagues get the job done and do it well. All you need to do is participate actively in the Tagline Focus Project and complete the assignments to develop messages that engage your base and motivate them to act, in just eight weeks.

You’ll learn to:

  • Understand your audiences’ wants and values better, so you know how to connect with them.
  • Use audience feedback to pinpoint the right messaging focus.
  • Gain the insights and support of your colleagues.
  • Shape the ingredients of your analysis, craft the right tagline and roll it out to your audience.
  • Build the skills to develop all the messages you need for your organization (the tagline is simply the messaging element we focus on in the program).
  • Plus, get access to all of the templates, checklists, worksheets, models and resources included in the Great Nonprofit Messages Toolkit that you’ll get with Tagline Focus Project participation.

Give It a Try

We’re starting on November 15, so if you’re interested in vastly improving your organization’s messaging for 2012, I encourage you to go ahead and register today for the Tagline Focus Project.

We already have a rich mix of participants, communicators that work in organizations as varied as a program of one of the largest and most influential national nonprofits there is, an innovative regional network, a student leadership organization and a professional association. But a few seats are still open.

I hope we’ll get the chance to work together on this.

All the best,



P.S. My aim for this program is to deliver substantial value both to your organization and its messaging, and to you as a professional. Completing the program will vastly enhance your skill set as a nonprofit communications professional.

Now we have the skills and process in place to craft more messages for our organization, and each program.

“Even though we have little formal marketing training, our four-person team is tasked with doing the job. But we’d been circling around developing key messages for a full year, with no results, when we heard about the Tagline Focus Project.

Your blend of webinars to teach key concepts and share models, a logically-built, step-by-step process that kept us focused and on schedule, and one-to-one coaching and critiques to keep us on track was ideal. Now we have the skills and process in place to craft more messages at the organizational level, and taglines for each program.

Joining the program was a cost-effective way to get the professional guidance and a great tagline we needed in a timely manner. We are so happy with the outcome—a strong tagline that works for all target audiences. I definitely recommend this program to other organizations wanting to improve their messaging.”


—Kay Stevens, Executive Director, Wisconsin Youth Company

 Learn more here.

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