Nonprofit Message Tip—What’s Vital BUT Unknown?

Nonprofit Message Tip

I was thrilled to see this Facebook post this from the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless (ECHH), one of our favorite clients.

We’ve been working with the ECHH team on year-end fundraising campaigns for a few years now. And among the many things I’ve learned is just how many of the individuals and families they serve work full-time (or more) but still can’t make ends meet—68%!

68% is a huge segment—more than 2/3 of those served. Unfortunately, the number of individuals and families who are “working poor” is growing fast, but that critical detail remains unknown by many.

In fact, there’s a common misperception that those without homes bring it on themselves—by laziness (e.g. not working or trying to find a job), addiction or other issues. And I’m sure you know, like I do, that misperceptions can become so entrenched in one’s mind that they seem like fact.

Kudos to ECHH for opening eyes to this crucial fact in every channel, including Facebook—it’s an eye-opener likely to move some prospects from no to maybe or yes on the donate meter.

ECHH strives to correct misperception like this one—likely to stand in the way of a donation—with stories that highlight the effort those served are putting in to take care of their families. Stories like this one, featured in a recent campaign letter:

familyWe helped Jeannie find extra work to supplement her salary from her full-time job (and build up some savings), and to get the full allotment of food stamps the family deserved.

With Martha and Renee now back to their happy selves, and Jack busy in college, Jeannie is once again beginning to feel that her family is secure.

Your organization has info points that are equally vital but unknown. Discover what they are and highlight them a.s.a.p.! They may be the tipping point for your year-end fundraising campaign.

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