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You’ve got to connect with your target audience to spur them to action…to give, to sign, to volunteer.

Messages are the way to build relationships. You need to learn how, now. Register today—50% of seats reserved in first week of announcement.   

Without strong messages, it’s impossible to connect. And there’s simply no way you’ll build the mutually-satisfying relationships with passionate supporters you need to meet your organization’s overall goals.

But just 16% of nonprofit messages connect
Survey findings indicate that 84% of nonprofit communicators admit their messages fail to connect with the people they need to engage as donors, partner, volunteers and more. And that poor messaging gets in the way of achieving the change they seek.

Now you can close this critical gap
You can close this gap, and the sooner you do so the better. But even if you recognize that you need to strengthen your messages, many of you don’t know where to start. I’ll show you how in this free 60-minute webinar.

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You will learn:

  • The three things you have to know before you even start message creation
  • The four cornerstones of a nonprofit message platform that connects, with real-life examples
  • The specific value of each message element, and how to use it for greatest impact.

You’ll finish the webinar with a clear path to messaging that connects with your target audiences and spurs the actions you need to move your cause forward. Messaging for mission!

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