Back at Nonprofit Marketing: Rejuvenated & Recalibrating

recalibrateI know your fall is booting up big time—on right-now to-dos, end-of-year campaigns and thinking/talking on what to do differently and better next year. Same here, and for our client orgs.

But—thanks to pulling myself away from work for a much-needed sabbatical—I’m seeing what’s ahead for me and Getting far more clearly than ever before.

Now, two months later, I’m back to work and focused on bringing my new professional vision to life. That’s:

    1. Finding a way to keep doing what I love (that stays put—guiding nonprofits like yours to build & strengthen relationships with donors, volunteers and more, via marketing & communications);
    2. While making enough money to co-support our family (no change there); BUT…drum roll here
    3. Shifting my decision-making framework to center on family, friends and the issues that mean the most to me.

Call it crazy. Call it integration. Call it whatever you like but it’s the way I have to pursue my calling at this point.

Can reality meet desire in my case? I think so. But I know this change will be hard, even as I have faith that my professional life will (eventually) flourish in a way even more satisfying than before (in time).

The greatest challenge I anticipate is vetting professional opportunities through the family/friends/issues lens (a.k.a. all-around personal satisfaction) vs. the career-building/brand development/income lens I’ve used as a primary filter for so long.  I’m already up against it as project, coaching and speaking opportunities flow in now that I’m back to work.

I’ll be sharing my progress (or not) in morphing my professional and personal satisfaction. And I’m eager to hear your related experiences and recommendations. How are you bringing together your personal and professional goals, wants and needs?  Please share them here.

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