Social Media Road Map—20% Off

Noland Hoshino, Zan McColloch-Lussier and Ash Shepherd teamed up to produce the Social Media Road Map, an all-you-need-but-not more mini-guide to help nonprofits like yours plan, implement and measure your social media engagement.

Even better, they’re offering a free copy to the first 5 of you who share your hopes for your social media work here.  20% discount on the Road Map to the Getting Attention community. Just use the discount code “Aha!” when you order here!

I love this mini-map. The passport-sized guide features all you need for basic social media planning and execution, but nothing more. It’s doable, not daunting.

So many of you tell me you’re absolutely paralyzed by the mass of guidance available on social media. The just-enough Road Map is your quickest escape from paralysis and into the right actions. It’s your passport to impact, focus and satisfaction.

Whether you use the Road Map for first-time planning or way-in revision of your social media approach, here’s my recommendation on how to use it:

  1. Grab a copy (save 20% with the “Aha!” discount code) for yourself and for each player on your social media team, including decision makers (and if you don’t have a team yet, get one together pronto—the quickest way to a social media fail is to isolate it).
  2. Ask each member to take an hour to complete the passport, and hand it over to you (you’ll make copies and return the original)
  3. The individual responses will ensure each team member articulates her point of view (vital to capture) and highlight points of agreement and disagreement—It’s so valuable for you to see both so you can discuss and resolve as a group
  4. Resolve the points of disagreement to complete the Road Map as a group, providing a solid blueprint on which to make your social media decisions going forward.
  5. Review and update your approach  on an ongoing basis based on those measures you’ve defined.

Share your social media hopes and wants now , and I’ll help you get there in future blog posts.

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