Relief—Your Social Media Decision Guide (No Charge)

Social Media Decision Guide

Nearly a decade after Facebook premiered, it’s become a juggernaut with more than a billion registered users. It’s changed dramatically, along with the balance of the social media landscape as one-time favorites shift form and new channels burst onto the scene.

There’s little doubt that social media should be a part of your communications mix, but what should you be using it for, and how? It’s so tough to figure out the what, how and why of ambitious but realistic social media, especially because there’s so much “it depends” involved. But relief is here…

Idealware has just updated its no-charge Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide to help you 1) determine realistic goals for your use of social media, and; 2) prioritize the channels most likely to generate the results you seek.

The guide is a great resource for any nonprofit invested in social media, but is tailored to organizations just getting started with social media or ready to reevaluate their current approach.

Better than ever—This just-updated edition covers new tools and updated information on existing tools, including new research data. Tools such as Myspace and Second Life—which became too specific or are no longer sufficiently widely used—have been replaced by “tools on the rise,”alternatives that are gaining traction or are worth further investigation to reach specific audiences (such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest).

On the tactical side, you’ll find more on on goal-setting. You’ll be taken through the framework of SMART goals—goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based—to clearly define your goals for greater success.

But there more—You’ll go beyond learning about options and best practices, you’ll benefit from worksheets that walk you through applying what you’ve learned to your organization!

Get your copy of this practical guide today—at no charge!

A special thanks to Idealware for doing all they do to strengthen the nonprofit community.

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