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So many of you have reached out to me recently in total panic, asking for guidance because you’re stressed to the max by pressures of launches, giving day, and year end. Then there’s the biggest one—the pressure of unrealistic expectations (especially your own). I know because I live it too.

Methods for addressing those pressures are you- and organization-specific, but some game-changing strategies work across the board. One tried and tested method stands out as the most universal, powerful, and long-term way to get happier, healthier, and more productive at work (sorry if I sound like clickbait, but it’s true):

Team with colleagues and peers in the field to share your needs, provide and ask for help, vent and listen, or to get or give a fresh take. There’s nothing like it—we are so much stronger together. The outcome is stronger too—personally, for your output, and for the ultimate results.

The power of teamwork surrounded me this weekend, as I did a triathlon with my beloved Team Triumph pals. I got up at three on Sunday morning, headed down to the race, and was all psyched to go. That’s when (just a few minutes before race time) I saw that my front tire was completely flat. I didn’t know how to fix it so was relieved when a race staffer came over to help. But he soon gave up.

That’s when the magic really began. My teammates quickly mobilized (how many cyclists does it take to change a tire?) to get me up and running. Amazing—that’s collaboration, joy, power, and long-term bonding and satisfaction. I raced, but I couldn’t have done it myself!

Despite the pressures you feel, I urge you to take the time TODAY to forge an alliance with at least one colleague in your organization or field. Ask them for help, and offer yours. We are SO much stronger together.

I’ve been training, coaching, and consulting on productive teamwork a lot lately. Here are some ways teamwork can boost productivity and satisfaction in your org:

4 Ways to Keep the Marketing-Fundraising Love Alive

P.S. Don’t stop here! My friends Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman just wrote The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit—an incredible guide to improving your life, work life, and work.

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