Take Trump’s Track to Twitter Triumph

Donald_J__Trump___realDonaldTrump____TwitterThere’s so much to learn from the way others communicate, even if you don’t share perspectives. In fact, it can be easier to highlight and harvest high-impact marketing techniques when you’re on opposite sides of an issue or cause. Because we all want to do better than that guy!

There’s no better Twitter-er to learn from than Donald Trump, whose technique “allows millions of supporters to make his case for him,” reports The New York Times.

Put Trump’s Twitter tactics to work today for your organization. Here’s how:

1) “Assemble an online SWAT team of supporters who spring into action at lightning speed.”
Your supporters (and their followers) have collective reach and influence that your organization alone can never match. The lightning speed component is particularly valuable for meeting campaign deadlines, whether advocacy, program registration or fundraising.

2) Ask your team, clearly and directly, to take your tweets forward, just like Trump does. This approach deflects controversy away from you (the source), vital for a provocateur like Trump. Your organization can use this technique far more proactively to positively position your organization when you take on controversial positions.

3) Get expressive and real to forge the strongest emotional connection with your Twitter team! Trump tweets personal, frequently mentioning his parents and wife.

Nonprofit-twitter-team“Trump’s candor and style inspire a loyalty he cannot quite explain. ‘ It’s like a sports team. When you’re a fan there’s a knee-jerk reaction to defend them. We have an emotional connection to him. It’s good old human nature,’ says Eric Popkin, one of Trump’s leading Twitter influencers.”

4) Thank them often, to boost loyalty and passion! “Mr. Trump is unusually engaged with his followers, frequently responding to their tweets with a pithy comment or message of thanks.”

Nonprofit Twitter

Trump “has mastered Twitter “in a way no candidate for president ever has, unleashing and redefining its power as a tool of political promotion, distraction, score-settling and attack — and turning a 140-character task that other candidates farm out to young staff members into a centerpiece of his campaign.”

Take his Twitter techniques and run with them!

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