IMMEDIATELY Google Test Your Website (Part One)

Thanks to Beaconfire staffer Jen Boland, who originally published this post here

HWhen Google doesn't show YOUR website in search listings.ey! If your website isn’t responsive or optimized for mobile devices, you should be worried. Because…

As of April 21, 2015, Google has prioritized mobile-friendliness as a key ranking factor in search results. Websites that are optimized for mobile devices will get the highest SEO rankings. Others (like Getting, for now) will be penalized in rankings which will decrease your organic search traffic. Here’s how to keep your website traffic coming in through Google:

For most organizations, between 30% and 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. So if your organization’s site falls into the “not optimized” category, it’s a huge problem. Get going to fix it…

First, determine if your Website is currently mobile optimized and see whether or not the mobile settings have been properly configured. Use Google’s free tool—Simply plug in your website address, and Google will tell you the good (or bad) news.

Dedicated Mobile Site

If you have a dedicated mobile website—for example:—but Googlebot is not recognizing your site as mobile friendly—you need to act quickly. Dig into the original Beaconfire post for specific how-tos.

If Your Website ISN’T Mobile-Friendly, Consider a Responsive Retrofit.

Restyling your existing site to take advantage of responsive design best practices is a good option for organizations that don’t have a website redesign (“serving the same HTML code for sites as used via any and all devices.”)

Here’s Beaconfire’s responsive design guidance.

Nonprofit folks, let’s get smarter about this stuff.  First, see if your site(s) are mobile friendly or not with this no-charge tool from Google. Takes just a minute, so do it NOW!

Join me in shifting to a mobile-friendly site to make they show in your supporters’ and prospects’ search results AND get them where they want to go. I’m right with you, scrambling but glad to be here!

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