You HAVE Your Killer App: Your Website

Home BaseWay back when, when social media was new-ish (let’s say 2007), I used this classic baseball analogy to illustrate how social media fit into the communications universe.

   1) Website as home base, with email as pitcher (no hits without the pitcher)
2) Core social media platforms (now Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) as inside bases
3) Other social media platforms as the outfield.

Then, for so many organizations, social media platforms took precedence—capturing our imagination and anxiety (if not the impact)—over more traditional online and offline marketing…

In fact, social media (or at least the dream of what social media could be), eclipsed websites and email for quite a while in terms of focus and excitement. Alas, resources were seldom part of the picture. But by now, for many of us, the role of social media has been moved back to the infield, with your website sticking hard at home base.

That’s because your website remains, even after all these years, the single most-used place for actions—giving, registering, signing a petition and more. Social media, and yes, even email, are designed to drive people to your site to act (although mobile actions are quickly growing more common).

Here are a few of the reasons websites live on and live strong. When done right, websites:

  • Deliver in-depth coverage of your organization’s history, work and impact.  Multiple online pages showcase a single organization or campaign, with content that is there for the (relatively) long term (vs. more ephemeral social media content).
  • Provide access to the rich, multidimensional story of your organization. Visitors can go as broad, and/or as deep, as they want to.
  • Engage a significant yet diverse audience, which continues to grow as use of the mobile web is surging. Your website is now a see-anytime-anywhere platform.
  • Generate insights into visitor behavior and campaign effectiveness via well-tested, low-cost, easy-to-use usage analytic tools.

If you needed a reason to focus back in on your organization’s website, you now have four of them. It’s your organization’s killer app!

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