Obama — Don’t Let Your Hard-Won Community of Hope Die Off

Obama -- Don't Let Your Hard-Won Community of Hope Die OffSo what happens when a groundbreaking campaign ends?

In Obama's case, I'm not talking about whether the candidate gets into office or not (that's out of any strategist's hands), but what's going to happen to the engaged, interested, willing-to-work/give community he's developed via MyBarackObama.com.

My advice: Keep it going.

These folks, many of whom are campaign/advocacy virgins, are enthused. They've been awakened, or re-awakened, by a passion for change, and by a candidate who's made it possible for them to grow into a community of like-thinkers. And they're well-positioned to do more; for other candidates, for the party, for key issues.

Jesse Helms, a mastermind marketer, transitioned campaign supporters' contact info (phone and address at that point) into what then became a very powerful National Republican Congressional Committee.

Obama, and your organization — at the close of an advocacy or issue campaign — should do the same (not to the NRCC, but to an ongoing community of interest and action around whatever they've responded to initially).

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