Pure Passion is Contagious (Case Study)

Passion is Contagious & ConnectsLast summer, my husband and I finally visited The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms, which had been on our go-to list for a decade. It’s the former country estate of noted turn-of-the-20th-century designer Gustav Stickley, a leader of “the Arts and Crafts movement in decorative arts, home building, and furnishing styles.” It’s the only house Stickley ever built for himself, so showcases his design esthetic, utopian vision and radical approach to daily life.

Here’s what surprised and delighted me:

  • The museum is run by a tiny but energized staff and volunteer team, who welcomed and toured us around with contagious passion.
  • Our volunteer tour leader was well-versed not only in Stickley facts—interesting, but dry and available elsewhere— but the fascinating Stickley stories that brought his vision and passion to life.
  • These tales moved me, and I still remember today. They gave us a feel for the man, his time, and the way he tried to change the world, which boosted our understanding of his relevance back then and right now.
  • Our tour leader asked about our interests and linked Stickley-isms to them—whether it be homes designed to be one with surrounding nature or self-sufficiency and locally-grown food (Stickley grew produce to serve in the restaurant of his Manhattan furniture showroom—a . That’s relevant messaging, and it made an enormous difference for us.

We became members that day, mostly in appreciation of the wonderful experience we had (ok, the gift shop discount motivated us too), and have been receiving devouring fantastic Stickley stories—via email and snail mail—ever since.

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