Nonprofit Ad Grabs Open-Minded Moment – Piggybacks on Father’s Day

This ad from Futures Without Violence (FWV) was timed perfectly to capture audiences’ open-minded moment. It ran in yesterday’s (Father’s day) New York Times, and is a strong model of piggybacking: Connecting your organization’s issue or story with what’s top of mind for your target audiences.

Father’s Day is the single most dad-focused day of the year, when we think about our own dads and the meaning of fatherhood. So naturally, that’s when we’re most receptive to hearing from (and about) fathers. Futures Without Violence knew it and found a way to creatively connect one of it’s lead programs to our open-minded moment.

Fathers are the drivers (and audiences) of one of FWV’s main programs: Founding Fathers. So FMV took Father’s Day to thank these dads who are working so hard to make the world a safer place: Today, we honor our dads for playing an important role in creating futures without violence. We salute our “Founding Fathers” for their efforts in helping us to build our new national landmark, and for the role they continue to play in encouraging other men to take a stand against violence and abuse.

Kudos to Futures Without Violence for its effective piggybacking, and for doing the same on mother’s day this year.

How have you put your target audiences’ open-minded moments to work, or what’s standing in your way? Please share your open-minded story here.

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