The Book that Changed My Life: Free E-Guide

BONUS: Free E-Guide

When I recently asked you and other nonprofit leaders to share the one book that has most influenced your professional lives, I had no idea what I’d hear back.

So I was thrilled to hear so many passionate stories about books that have made a huge difference; to hear that immersing oneself in a work that is longer, richer and frequently read in a distinct format (be that hard copy or an e-reader) remains a unique experience; and that this method of constant learning and growing is critical for staying fresh and energized about work (and life).

Now, drawing from these submissions, I’ve edited this must-read list — The Book that Changed My Life: 129 Recommendations from Nonprofit Experts Around the World.

You’ll be among the first to get this unique e-guide  as a bonus when you register for this free, first-time webinar:

The 4 Keys to Pitch-Perfect Messaging

Please join me to learn how to stop striking flat notes with your target audiences and join the 16% of nonprofits whose messages resonate and spur action.

Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Time: 3:00-4:00PM EST/12:00-1:00PM PST
Replay: If you can’t make this time, register anyway. All registrants will get the video recording.


You’ll learn:

  • The three things you have to know before you even start message creation
  • The four cornerstones of a nonprofit message platform that connects, with real-life examples
  • The specific value of each message element, and how to use it for greatest impact.

You’ll finish the webinar with a clear path to messaging that connects with your target audiences and spurs the actions you need to move your cause forward. Messaging for mission!

REGISTER NOW and dig into this life-changing reading list —
The Book That Changed My Life:
129 Recommendations from Nonprofit Leaders Around the World

 P.S. Get peer guidance on strengthening your organization’s marketing impact with the free Getting Attention Guide to Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom.

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