Pow! Wham! Communicating in a Fresh Way Can Bash Through to Consciousness

Pow Wham Communicating in a Fresh Way Can Bash Through to ConsciousnessDC Jobs with Justice and the Institute for Policy Studies found a refreshing and attention-getting way to communicate on complicated issues in Economic Meltdown Funnies, a comic book about the recent economic crisis.

The comic is indeed comic. But far beyond that, its format is a welcoming way in to a topic that’s confusing and upsetting. It works.

Very reminiscent, actually, of Primo Dinero, my high school intro-to-economics text. Primo was the narrator of a tale of micro-economics on a small island, in comic book format. Believe me, everyone did the reading in that class.

Think about how you can put a comic, or some other non-traditional format to work to get through to your network — on complicated issues or on simple ones that people think they know everything about already so their eyes glaze over.

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