Progressive Exchange – $1,000,000 Answers to Your Nonprofit Marketing Questions (for free)

Progressive Exchange - $1,000,000 Answers to Your Nonprofit Marketing Questions (for free)

I want to tell you about an incredible resource that I discovered a few months ago–The Progressive Exchange. And, as soon as you read this post, I urge you to join me there. It’s free and will help you the first time you use it. I guarantee it.

The Progressive Exchange (PX) is an online community (a.k.a. easy-to-use email list serv or web-based community) for folks doing online organizing, advocacy, marketing and fundraising “on behalf of the public interest.”  I had heard about PX for years, but never really knew what it was, and don’t want you to wait as long as I did.

First of all, there’s a diverse and helpful community of participants with lots of nonprofit marketing expertise. Secondly, there are folks in related functions who can shed some great perspective on marketing issues. Best of all, PX is incredibly easy to use–I’ve set it up to email me daily summaries of questions and replies being asked by other PXers, and replies. I also email my questions out the the list but, if you choose, you can also do it all on the web.

I’ve learned so much in these few months, and gotten great guidance in seeking a proofreader, getting direction on a specific SEO issue and more. Today I want to review discussion on  e-news open and unsubscribe rates.

PX is an incredible community, and the more of us there are, the more valuable it is. Please join me!

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