Proof Point #1 — Prioritize Websites, Email & “Traditional” Social media

2016_Nonprofit_Communications_TrendsWelcome to the Proof Point series—research findings to use when advocating for the marketing approaches you know are right.

You’re the marketing and communications expert. But that doesn’t mean your boss, colleagues, or board members buy your recommendations. Whether they just don’t get the whys (so feel uncomfortable), always have a “better” solution, or gravitate to the devil’s advocate role, these proof points will help make your case and protect important relationships!

Today’s Proof Point: Your website(s), traditional social media (Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn),  and email marketing are the most important communications channels you have. That’s the call from the 1,600+ nonprofit communicators who shared insights and practices for the 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report.

Don’t get me wrong—just because these channels have the greatest impact for these folks, doesn’t mean that holds for your organization. But if your insights (gathered from usage stats, conversations) indicate they are important, this data is the best ammo there is to prove your point. Plus useful to allocate your budget and time.

Bonus: Proof points like this depersonalize what can be very messy conflicts.

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