Case Study — North Carolina Recycling Campaign Using Social Media for Social Marketing Success Case Study -- North Carolina Recycling Campaign Using Social Media for Social Marketing SuccessLet me introduce you to, a North Carolina campaign to raise awareness about waste reduction and recycling. Launched in 2005, the campaign targets high schoolers, college students and twenty-somethings via compelling social marketing strategies.

Pay close attention, readers, to the thorough audience research campaign communicators implemented — working closely with collegiate recycling coordinators throughout the state to identify barriers to recycling perceived by twenty-somethings, and how they get their information and influences. Based on this research, the campaign has focused on social marketing techniques such as commitment, norms, incentives and prompts. Here’s how the folks describe their social marketing strategy.

Initially, the campaign used more traditional marketing channels, such as a Web site (yes, the Web can now be considered traditional), ads on cable, pre-movie ads, billboards, trucks and Mountain Dew cans (a fav drink of the target audience).

This year, the campaign has grown to incorporate some powerful social media techniques including:

  • A BLOG! — Yes, the first time I’ve seen a social marketing campaign so effectively integrate a blog into its communications. Nice work. This blog is up-to-date (with posts three to five times/weekly), chatty, fun, interesting, productive (used also as an informal idea motivator/workspace for staff and supporters).
  • Online WOM (word of mouth) marketing via YouTube (lots of catchy videos motivating recycling) and MySpace (sample Grandaddy Nature Anthem, it’s funny and memorable).

Nice work, I know that much of its success comes from being so closely in touch with target audiences. It’s the only way to understand the needs, interests and habits of those you’re trying to reach.

Thanks to Craig Lefebvre for the tip.

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