Register Today for Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) – Nourish & Energize Yourself

Nope, I’m not talking about a spa!

Register now for the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) and we’ll finally have a chance to meet in person! Most importantly, you have the opportunity to nourish and energize yourself talking with–and learning from–some of the most creative, passionate folks in the nonprofit world!

You can still get the regular conference rate if you register by tomorrow, Feb. 11. After that, late fee!

Full disclosure: I’m a board member of NTEN, which runs this conference. But I became a huge NTEN champion through attending this conference — the only venue I know of where program, fundraising, communications folks and other key nonprofit staffers and consultants learn and talk together about common challenges and strategies!

It’s cross-fertilization at its most valuable, and most engaging. You’ll love it.

The program is too extensive to cover here but I promise you you’ll learn, be inspired and meet folks you’ll never forget (in the best way). Please join me there.

Register today to change tomorrow!

P.S. Great tagline!

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