Relevance Rules—Your Key to Nonprofit Marketing Success

The stresses of the times are dramatically affecting your organization’s relationships, and that’s likely to continue for a very, very long time. But there’s some very good news.

Despite today’s challenges, there is a way for your organization to build and strengthen vital relationships with the people whose help you need as donors, advocates, volunteers and more. Here are my guidelines for implementing the doable, proven strategy—getting personal to get relevant—that is your single most important key to marketing success right now:

Your Solution: Get Personal to Get Relevant
It’s really very simple, and something you probably do on a personal level all the time: Getting to know and understand others with whom you want to build a friendship, learning what’s important to them and how their days go, then connecting with them by focusing on what’s important or interesting to both of you—via a platform (cell phone, text or visit), at a time that’s good for both of you.

Get to Know Your Target Audiences
Here’s how to learn what’s important to your network. Note: A vital prerequisite to effective personalization (and you can’t be relevant without it) is having a system firmly in place that ensure the quick, thorough and accurate tracking, logging and sharing of your audience profile or records.

  1. Pinpoint no more than three target audiences, those who can do the most to move your marketing goals forward in 2012, and who are most likely to do so.
  2. Get to know them via any or all of these techniques:
  • Develop personas or profiles that typify a member of each audience or segment
  • Create an ad hoc marketing advisory group to call on—briefly—as needed when you need insight from your base
  • Listen to what’s being said about your organization and team online
  • Survey via brief online questionnaires, motivating participation via email and social media
  • Collect information on interests and more via transaction (giving, e-news and event registration) pages and conversations
  • Analyze your website usage and email stats to see who’s interested in what topics, when they read and more.

Capture, Manage and Share What You Learn
What you learn about your audiences is only valuable when you log, share and analyze it across your organization, in a way that’s easy to access and search. Create, use and update regularly your robust contact database of records of your current network and prospects, where you can note all that you know.

Use the Personal to Get Relevant

  1. Personalize messages and content to connect
  2. Use the tools now inexpensively available to match each name with the right call to action
  3. Go where your audiences already are
  4. Stay consistent across channels

Get your complete guide to relevance here, with greater detail and resources.

What are your strategies for getting to know your audiences, logging and managing those insights and putting them to work? Please share them here.

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