4 Motivating, Memorable Words (Message Case Study)

South_Carolina_Children_s_TheatreYou have a priceless, DOABLE opportunity to position your organization, programs, services, campaigns, and events in audiences’ hearts, minds, schedules, and wallets: Relevant messages!

Your tagline is the heart of your message platform. If crafted right, these eight words (or less) will complement your organization’s name to convey its unique impact or value with personality, passion, and commitment.

Take a look at this one from the South Carolina Children’s Theatre (SCCT): Totally professional. Delightfully immature.

Magical, memorable and likely to be repeated, in just a few words! Here’s why it works:

  1. Surprises us by bringing together two characteristics we wouldn’t expect to find in one organization: Professionalism and immaturity. This juxtaposition makes us stop and think, in a fun way. Pow, we’re engaged.
  2. Shows us: The tagline highlights characteristics that demonstrate the Theatre’s unique approach, rather than describing it or—even worse— leaving us to summon up whatever we think about children’s theatre. Most children’s theatre groups aren’t professional. Nor would they dare to call themselves immature. By claiming immaturity as a quality, the Theatre surfaces the delight and innocence of childhood, enabling us to remember how wonderful that felt. Eureka!
  3. Super short, so easy to remember and repeat.

SCCT’s 5-star tagline talent adds depth and breadth to its name in a way that delights, surprises and sets up its target audiences to take the next step (buy tickets, volunteer or donate). You can do it too.

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