Responsiveness is Everything, Especially Now: Council on Foundations Does It Right


We're in tough times (as if you didn't know). Everyone is, even if the toughness is relative.

The world around us is changing, fast, as practices and institutions we believed in collapse. Many of us feel disrespected by these institutions (employers, banks, etc.) we've invested ourselves in. Plus, we don't know where things are going, and that's anxiety-provoking.

That's why it's vital that you're precisely in tune with your organization's base right now, and convey that in all your interaction. We want to be understood and respected, and that's the way to do it.

The Council on Foundations (COF) showed it gets its base with its recent decision to cut its weekly e-news and replace it with a bi-monthly e-journal on critical issues.

This decision, and COF's effective email announcement
on it, shows audiences that the organization is committed to their needs while the Council demonstrates that it's facing tough times too and is responding appropriately by evaluating all programs. Here are some excerpts from the email:

  • The current economic downturn has every organization reviewing how and why it does all aspects of its business. Here at the Council, we are closely examining all our communication vehicles to ensure they address the current and future needs of our members.
  • From communication surveys, we know that ..,This Week in Philanthropy (TWIP), it is not a vital source of information. That is why this will be the last issue of TWIP.
  • In deciding to stop publishing TWIP, we sought a more useful and compelling
    replacement, and last week we launched a new bi-monthly e-journal, 
    Thought>Action>Impact…on topics that are timely and matter most to you.

This is truly effective planning and communications for now, when responsiveness and respect is everything.  Make sure your organization puts your base front and center in everything you do, and don't forget to let them know about it (show, don't tell, as always).

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