Revise Your .Org Facebook Page Now: Deadline March 30

Take charge of your nonprofit’s Facebook future, right now.  If your organization uses Facebook to any degree beyond having a page with nothing on it, you have just 24 more days until your page is converted to the new timeline design. Here’s what you need to know and do to work these changes to your organization’s advantage:

1. What’s Changing on March 30
You’ve probably heard about the coming changes but may (like me and many others) have resisted diving in. Here are the crucial changes:

  1. Welcome Pages disappear, replaced by Timeline.
  2. Large cover photo at top of page (851×315  pixels), which will take up about 70% of the vertical space of the top screen on your page. This is a huge amount of real estate; you’ll have to work hard to use it well.
  3. Tabs are replaced by “views and apps”
  4. Ability to highlight
    • A key post at the top of your timeline for up to seven days, to feature your call to action. Change it weekly if possible.
    • Important stories/posts with the star icon (and de-emphasize those less relevant)
  5. Larger photos and videos in your posts.
  6. People can see what their friends are saying about your org.
  7. No more landing tabes.

2. Why You Should Care and Act, Today
The change is coming March 30 whether your organization is ready for it or not. What that means is that the Facebook community you’ve been working to build (whether you’ve been working hard or just a bit), will see something completely different that day.

If you don’t take the time to make these few simple changes by that point, you’ve given up control of your Facebook presence to Facebook. Not a good idea. It’ll look, and work, like junk!

3. Your Facebook Checklist: How to Take Control in Just a Few Hours

Then jump on it: You have just 24 days left to come out strong.

What’s your plan for converting to Facebook Timeline, whether your page(s) are a minor part of your marketing strategy or a feature? Please share your strategies and questions here.

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