Pls Give Now—From Post-Sandy NJ

I hope that this note finds you, and your family, safe and well post-Sandy.

While the actual storm has passed, its effects are powerful here in NJ (we’re just outside NYC).

I’m lucky. My family is safe and our home without power but untouched—but many others are not. We are dealing with devastation here in such massive proportion—its impact will be felt for a long time.

Please donate right now to support these regional organizations working hard to help those most affected by the storm. These folks are on the ground, providing services right now and need your help to keep it up.

1) NYC Rescue Mission (via HopeMob)
The Mission is sheltering twice the normal number of guests but is without power and is getting low on food.

2) Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless
This wonderful service for homeless and near-homeless in Union County NJ never gives up. But the Coalition has had a huge increase in folks who need help post-Sandy, and is not receiving the usual food overages from grocery stores and caterers in the past few days (and isn’t likely to for the days to come).

3) Community Food Bank of New Jersey (via Feeding America)
Getting food and water all over the state where needed.

4) Covenent House New Jersey (sheltering youth and their babies in several NJ locations)

Thank you.

P.S. Our office is still without power and heat, but we’ll plan be up and running when the power is restored (likely to be next week). We’re working, to the best of our abilities, remotely, as possible.

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