Scan These 2 Style Guides & Harvest What’s Relevant For Your Org

Scan These 2 Style Guides & Harvest What's Relevant For Your OrgMy recent article on the what, why and how of style guides generated a huge response. Seems many of you have — eventually — developed style guides (a.k.a. brand book or identity guidelines) that help your organization avoid conflict, save time and deliver a consistent voice and image. What's clear is agreement that the most effective identity guides incorporate both editorial and visual identity guidelines.

Many of you shared your style guides with me. But I was dismayed to see that 85% of these guides feature visual/graphic identity guidelines only. When you neglect the messaging side of the branding equation, you make it harder for staff and other supporters to easily spread the right word.

Here are two strong style guide models (the article links to several more) submitted by readers for your review. Dive in, cherry-pick the elements relevant for your org, and customize as needed.

  1. Identity Guidelines, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
  2. Brand Standards Manual, UMFS (Richmond, VA social services organization)

BTW, if you are using a style guide or brand book that keeps everyone on the same page,  please email me  (w/attachment or a link) so I can share it with other Getting Attention readers.

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