See The Namesake — Perfect Execution of Effective Communications

See The Namesake -- Perfect Execution of Effective CommunicationsAnd a tremendously moving and powerful experience, emotionally and culturally. First off, you must see this wonderfully stirring film by director Mira Nair. Just to have the experience.

But beyond that, The Namesake is a compelling example of effective communications. Mira Nair and the cast wove me into the tale, and I didn’t even realize what was happening before I found myself weeping or hoping or waiting with baited breath. They made me part of their lives; they made me care. And that’s just how powerful communication engage audiences.

Here’s why The Namesake is so powerful (and how your communications can be too):

  • Nair’s characters are richly drawn, yet not in any way outrageous. These individuals could be your family members. The feeling of familiarity makes audiences feel part of the tale (or your organization).
  • The story unwinds in an organic way, rather than being pushed on the audience. I had the time to become engaged at my own pace. It felt natural, not artificial.
  • Nair shows what’s happening, rather than telling, so audiences have to work (a bit) to process the film. That work generates engagement. And that work is why, two weeks later. I’m still talking about the film.
  • As a result, I felt involved, rather than exploited. And I’m ready to go back for the next chapter.

Any movies you can recommend as great communications models? Let me know if the comments filed below.

Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight

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